Lifestyle and Genetics are the main factors that determine our health. When we take care of our health we can enjoy quality of life.
Physical inactivity plus overconsumption of food and drugs, injuries, environmental toxins, stress, and unhealthy habits make us sick.
Traditional medicine works on relieving the symptoms, my approach as a Health Coach/Pharmacist is to promote the use of lifestyle modifications and optimal supplements to partially or totally keep these diseases under control.
The immune system is very complex. Now more than ever we need to strengthen it. IMMUNOCAL is a specially formulated whey protein isolate that releases cysteine, a precursor of glutathione at the cell level.
Glutathione exists in every cell of our body and is essential for the immune system and critical for health. It is a master antioxidant and a chief enzyme for detoxification.
Check it out! Do your own research! What would you lose? What will you win?

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